Wednesday, October 24, 2012

We are moved in!!!

Yes, we are really moved in! It is very hard to believe that after living in a little house (760 sq ft) for two years and building (and the stress and choices with that) that we are in our forever house! Yeah.

We now have the Internet.
We now have a dishwasher.
We now have a microwave.
We have more than one bathroom.
I can kneel beside my bed as it's not on cinder blocks. (Because clothes had to go under the bed because there was no room for a dresser).
I have all our books up to read as we desire.

We plan on having lots of parties.  (The first one is on election night.  Please come!)
We plan on reading lots of good books.
We plan on laughing and giggling lots.
We plan on praying, praising and singing to God.

We have named our land/house: Telaret.  This translates to: give God the complete praise.  See the hearthstone below. Huzzah!

Please visit Olivia's/Liberty's blog to see some pictures.  She will get a picture of the front of the house soon.  Here is a picture of the library though. It is one of my favorite places in our home.



  1. I so want to live there. The house is beautiful. I told Olivia I'm going to have you guys help design my future house. I hope you enjoy it!

  2. Yeah! Very happy for you. I love the name.

  3. I'm glad you are finally moved in and are enjoying your house!