Sunday, January 8, 2012

'Like' the Kendrick Brothers

Technically I have a facebook account. I haven’t accessed it in over 14 months and I have no idea what the password is.  (Obviously I can get that, it’s just a convenient excuse).  However, I secretly loathe facebook. 

Anyway, I’d like to say that I had a point with the above paragraph, but I don’t think I really did.  I get sidetracked when I start thinking about facebook.  Here is the point though:  Our family really, REALLY, REALLY likes the Kendrick Brothers.  I am sure they have a facebook page so if someone could go on and “like” them on behalf of our family that would be great. 
So who are they anyway? I mean the Kendrick Brothers not facebook. They are the writers, directors, producers, etc. of the following movies,
Flywheel (not very well known)
Their movies are part of the outreach of the Sherwood Church in Georgia.  The Kendrick brothers learned that the public, and especially the youth, were more influenced by the media in regard to choices and morality than any other way.  So they got the wild idea to start making movies to reach people.  At first it was just for their little community, but the response was so positive that the movies starting reaching out farther and farther.  What’s amazing is that in these movies everyone involved is a member of their church.  Everything is donated.  Most of the actors (or camera men) are just people from their church with no real training.  The later movies have included professional actors like Kirk Cameron though, but I think everyone is still on donated time.

Kudos to the Kendrick Brothers for their ministry efforts.  If you enjoy watching movies I invite you to watch their movie trailers on the links provided and see if one of their movies is right for your family.  Each movie's production quality gets better with each one.  It is amazing to see what they have done with the resources they have.
They have positively impacted my life and my family’s life.  They have challenged me in my faith and caused me to ask some tough questions regarding whether I believe, “that through Christ all things are possible.”
And they are just soooo funny.  I invite you to also watch the special features, because that is where you get to know all about them.  If you watch all the movies you can catch spoofs of their other movies inside the new movies.  Also many of the actors are in all the movies and so it’s fun to find people “you know” from previous movies.


  1. We love their movies as well. They are great. Haven't seen all of them yet. Recently watched Fireproof again. They are a little like a home movie at parts but still good. And I did "like" them. Great job on the canning!

  2. We just watch Courageous last week and it is our family's new "Favorite". It's such a powerful movie with a message that needs to shared. My 17 yo son was the one that brought it home and told us to watch it. I hope he really listened to the message of it. Each movie is better made than the one before, but they haven't lost their 'faith' in the process of becoming better film-makers. I find it sad that they don't like to screen for LDS communities. I believe we're probably some of their best audiences.

  3. I watched Courageous last week after hearing about it from Nathan Osmond. I loved it! Thanks for the link and information about the Kendricks. I've already spotted two more movies I want to see.