Sunday, June 19, 2011

Love, Imagination

Imagination, age 10, loves to write stories and "express" himself.  Here is a sampling of two things he recently wrote.

Dear Mom,

I am fantastically glad that you are my mom.  You make me feel happy all the time.  I am also happy that you do the dishes for us.*

God choose you to be our mother to prepare us for the final days.

I love you.

Love, "Imagination"

This was the Father's Day poem he wrote today in primary,

As life gets rough,
and you get gruff,
Remember Jesus and what he had to do.
And when they say boo.
Just remember Jesus
A whole lifetime through.

*My children do not like to wash the dishes.  They will all do anything but the dishes.  So I do the dishes (they clear, put things away, and empty the dish drainer though), and they do everything else in the house.  I enjoy the dishes so it works out.  No laundry.  No bathrooms.  No trash. No dusting.  ..... Every body's happy.

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