Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Meet Hank

We have the world's greatest dog!  I'm sure many of you have one of them too!  His name is Hank and he is a pure bred lab.  No code name for him.  We have owned him since he was around six months old.  He is now six years old.  We name all of our creatures after famous people. (One dog was name Porter Rockwell). Since Hank was already named when we got him (long story) we had to improvise.  His "full" name is Henry Knox.  Ring any bells to those who study Revolutionary War History?   Let's see who can be the first to tell us what Henry Knox did for our great country.  If I had stuff lying around I could give someone a "free-give away."  Haha.  You can just know that you are smart and not get a prize. : )

Hank is wonderful with kids.  Kids love Hank!  They can pull his ears and sit on him and he just lies there.  (Please stay away from our cat though!)

Hank has chronic ear infections because he loves swimming in the water so much.  He loves to fetch sticks out of the water.

Hank stays with the kids when they play outside and keeps an eye on them.  I'm not sure how really.  Sometimes he gets in has much trouble as the kids!  At the end of the day he comes home as tired as they are.  Playing is hard work!

Hank has a bad habit we will mention.  He loves rolling in manure.  Not so good.

We love Hank and we are glad he is a part of our family.  We hope every one who likes pets has a pet as wonderful as Hank.

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