Saturday, June 4, 2011


 We enjoyed our first camp out of the year.  Mr. Patriot was determined to go!

Liberty enjoys working with the fire.  I think she has a little pyro in her.  She keep saying, "If only we had brought the diesel."

The boys enjoyed hiking around camp.  We were the only ones out.  I guess everyone was worn out from Memorial Weekend.  Hank, our trusty dog, enjoyed going with them.

We enjoyed yummy campfire food.  Grandma and Grandpa showed up for a quick visit.  It was fun to see them.

We stayed warm and had fun.  I'm sure we will be going out again soon!

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  1. I grew up camping and LOVE it! It's difficult now, for us to go, because our youngest two are tube fed and that adds a new element that's hard to plan for sometimes, but we have had some pretty great day trips up north! We collect samples from nature and take lots of pictures of things and then come home and try to draw them! :0)